Roots & Dub Appendix:

"O Tersies ships, weep; there are no house - fe it have been demolished, an there are no enterin; it have been revealed fe them iginnin from Keeteem country. O unu who live pon ilands an who cross pon the sea - ina whom Seedona merchants trade filled up, be calm. Sheehor seed an `Abbay river harvest were she income pon many Waters; an she were peoples market. O Seedona, shame, fe the sea, sea fortress, have spoken sayin - "I-man didn't labour, I-man didn't birth; an I-man didn't raise up braves, an I-man didn't raise up virgins." Labour shall seize them pon Theeros report - pon the time she report reached Gibts. Cross toward Tersies; unu who live pon ilands - weep."

Saturday, 4 June 2022

Mike Brooks & The Roots Radics - One Love [Vista LP, 1983]

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A1) No War Over Woman
A2) Lovely
A3) One Hear One
A4) Lover's Street
A5) Complicated Love
B1) Grooving
B2) Sensie Man
B3) Mother In Law
B4) Love On The Highway
B5) A Man Is King

Producer: Mike Brooks
Mixing Engineer: Winston "Professor" Brown