Roots & Dub Appendix:

"O Tersies ships, weep; there are no house - fe it have been demolished, an there are no enterin; it have been revealed fe them iginnin from Keeteem country. O unu who live pon ilands an who cross pon the sea - ina whom Seedona merchants trade filled up, be calm. Sheehor seed an `Abbay river harvest were she income pon many Waters; an she were peoples market. O Seedona, shame, fe the sea, sea fortress, have spoken sayin - "I-man didn't labour, I-man didn't birth; an I-man didn't raise up braves, an I-man didn't raise up virgins." Labour shall seize them pon Theeros report - pon the time she report reached Gibts. Cross toward Tersies; unu who live pon ilands - weep."

Wednesday, 12 January 2022

I-Roy - DJ from JA [Aggrovators, 2017]

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 1) Rasta Wise
 2) Dubwise Rasta
 3) Dub Fat Eel
 4) Fat Eel
 5) Collie
 6) Dub Collie
 7) Nah Conquer Dub
 8) Roughness
 9) Dub Rough Down
10) Dub Universal (Version 1)
11) Dub Universal (Version 3)
12) Dub Universal (Version 5)